Lafayette Louisiana Web Design is happy to announce that we now are offering several pricing plans from Starter to Ultimate. These plans are aimed at simplifying the web process for everyone. We’ve bundled all of our services into four convenient monthly price points for web design Louisiana. We understand that for some business, it might be hard to commit to ‘one lump some’ payments that most web companies charge. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to roll out some options. We’ve made the plans upgradable with our different services so that you can start at one price point and move up the ladder as your business grows.

We do offer a base price for companies that just want to get on the internet for web design Louisiana and aren’t very interested in SEO. We’re calling this our Starter Plan. That’s because we do not recommend that a business only has a website built. We certainly can and will do that for you, but if you truly want to earn business off of your website, you need to make it work for you. That’s where our Standard Plan comes into play. Web Design Louisiana is no longer “if you build it, they will come.” Search engines now requires you to implement some kind of strategy for SEO in order for people to find your website outside of direct links. That’s why we recommend the Standard package for those starting out. It includes our standard SEO package which will allow for search engines to recognize you. It’s also why we integrate social media sites with your websites.

Which brings us to our next plan, the High-Ranker Plan. This plan is for business that want an aggressive strategy to compete with other businesses in their local area. This plan includes 5 social media posts a month, showing the internet that you are active and current. It also includes our Premium SEO which aggressively goes after the top spots on Google. Our final web design Louisiana plan, the Ultimate Plan, includes a professional video which will help with your search ranking and the optional eCommerce shop, perfect for getting into the world of online shopping.

We believe these plans offer the most convenient and fairly priced options for new and established businesses to enter into the online web design Louisiana world or improve their web presence. Please give us a call today to get started!

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