I’m always being asked how I began in Web Design Lafayette, Louisiana. While not always known for being on the cutting edge of technology, being a southern Louisiana native did help foster my creativity. From a very young age I was always immersed in art, which is something most cities are not as accustomed to. From there, I found new and exciting ways to express my creativity. In the late nineties the internet went from being specialized to readily available. With it you could access any information you wanted. I became fascinated with it, and desperately wanted to know how it worked.

I started with building free websites on Geocities and moving on to buying my own hosting and learning more about the internet and how it worked. While it was frustrating, solving each problem was exciting and empowering. The internet was the ultimate place for me to express my creativity. It incorporated video editing, animation, composition, graphic design, problem solving… basically everything I was interested in. It was a natural fit. With each new technology that surfaced, it was a new problem to solve. I take great pride in being able to help people with their problems.

Sure, it’s not a life saving profession like firefighters or surgeons, but I like to think of it as a life making profession. The people who need websites are often entrepreneurs, business owners who need help creating their dreams. A website can make or break a business, and for a lot of our clients their livelihood and their family’s futures depend on the fate of their businesses. It’s up to us to help clients fulfill their dreams. A successful website should be a clarion call that helps drive business. For a majority of our clients, they tell us that their website alone helped them far exceed their projected goals. That’s why I love web design and why I’m more than happy to help people solve problems.

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