Social Media has taken over the way people interact with one another. It’s gone beyond just a fad for young children and has become the catalyst for reconnecting and staying connected with friends. As the world becomes more social online, so will the demand for companies to be present and available to their customers. It is projected that social media management will increase in the labor force 10% in the next five years.

Social media is a lot to manage. Even with the vast field of platforms out there, new ones are popping up daily. Staying current requires an ever-evolving social media strategy with conversion marketing. Because it is so difficult to measure the success of social media activity, it’s hard to put a price on exactly how much you need to invest in your strategy. Without a precise dollar figure to their efforts, most companies relegate Social Media to an intern or people without expertise in the field. Without the proper marketing experience, these Social Media Managers aren’t equipped with the knowledge to lead a successful marketing campaign.

The best social media accounts provide a professional, branded look that their customers expect and appreciate. It is essential that all the imagery and content is reflective of your company’s identity and message. Social Media can be both an introduction to and a reminder of your services to your customers. There are several key skills that go into perfect Social Media Management. Let’s dive into the most important skills that you need.


Headlines should be the cornerstone of your social media. They grab the reader’s attention, promote, and inform all at the same time. It’s important to adapt the content to each platform. Instagram is typically more relaxed and informal, while LinkedIn’s audience is business related, and should be more professional. Copywriting is important because it represents your company. Generic and plagiarized content is damaging to your brand. It’s important to maintain a similar message throughout all of your social media. Social media is a conversation with your customers; it’s essential that the person having the conversation with them is the best equipt to represent your company.


Some of the most popular Social Media platforms are now entirely visual. With Instagram and Snapchat, it’s imperative to have a solid design background when managing a company’s social media account. The most effective social media utilizes graphics or video to relay their message to their customers. In the world of constant-scrolling, having an impactful image that a viewer stops on is key. Statistics show that posts with a visual component perform on average 50% more than posts without.

News Curating

A small percentage of your Social Media needs to be relevant information that your customers appreciate. We recommend mixing unique original content with shared informative content for an impactful social media account. This requires someone with the knowledge to be able to find relevant information that will stay ahead of industry trends. Your Social Media Manager should be aware of the latest trending topics and news stories so you can capitalize on high-traffic hashtags and keywords. Your Social Media is an extension of your Public Relations. If someone without training is sharing articles, they could potentially damage your brand and worse, alienate your customers.

Customer Service

One of the key components of any Social Media account is the ability to talk to customers and quickly resolve or minimize any negative comments. This skill comes with proper customer service training. It’s possible that your customers will ask your social media questions or give complaints about their service, and your Social Media Manager needs to be prepared to best answer each scenario. If properly managed, your reviews and comments on your social media accounts can lead to customers choosing you over your competitors.

Drive Traffic

One of the main benefits of Social Media is to drive traffic to your website. With a solid strategy, you can quickly convert new followers into new customers. Think of Social Media as the beginning of your conversation and your website as the sales manager. The more effectively you can push people from your social media to your website, the easier you will convert sales.

How Social Media Management Can Positively Impact Your Company

Social Media can be the face of your company before your potential customers even reach your website. As such, it’s important to have a competent and reaching social media strategy. Do not leave your company’s first impression in the hands of someone inexperienced with Online Marketing. Contact Lafayette Louisiana Website Design today to develop your company’s Social Media Strategy today! 337-223-3305

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