Web design is your first impression that you’re making on a new customer. While content may be king, that still doesn’t negate the advantage that a beautifully designed website can give a growing business. Having a nice looking website is as essential as having a presentable store front. Website design isn’t just skin deep, it should provide every customer with a rich experience that leaves them wanting more from your business.

Responsive Websites – Is your web design mobile freindly?

A good indicator that it is time for a new website is your mobile site. Pull out your smartphone. The vast majority of consumers own a smartphone and a growing percentage of website viewers are using their mobile devices. If your website doesn’t pull up properly (or at all) on a mobile device you’re missing out on potential customers. Speaking for myself personally, the first thing I do when looking for a local service is Google it. I’ll click on the first legitimate link that comes up on Google. If there is no mobile site, you might as well not exist online.


<a href="https://lafayettelouisianawebsite buy generic propecia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/140227104442-mobile-time-spent-620xa.png”>2014 mobile website views vs  desktop views for browsers How to Know When it’s Time for a New Web Design

Web Design – Mobile Internet Website Views vs Traditional Desktop


2014 was a big year for mobile users. Websites are being viewed on mobile more commonly than desktop for the first time ever. It is more crucial now than ever before for a website to go mobile. Many website companies may not even program for web, or it is an addition charge or afterthought. Lafayette Louisiana Website Design uses responsive web design so that your website looks as great and is as user-friendly on whatever device you are using it on. With all the new devices that have come out, it’s important to consider those potential customers.

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