Starting in Q1 of 2015, Facebook is launching a new way for business to utilize its services. For a few years now, Facebook has been a great place for business to communicate with customers. Recently, Facebook as become more and more greedy with it’s paid reach allowing fewer and fewer posts to be seen without some kind of paid boost. This new tool would allow employees of companies to collaborate together on projects and chat online. They’re calling it Facebook at Work propecia dosage.

I have to think about all of the companies that have banned Facebook as it was once a time-wasting distraction, who will now have to rethink that policy. With Facebook asking for more and more of businesses’ money to advertise, I also wonder how long this service will remain “free.” This could just be another one of Facebook’s moves to integrate itself into our lives and then slowly start charging us. This goes a bit deeper though. If businesses begin to use Facebook to actually work on projects and then it becomes a paid service in the future, they will be locked into paying. They would have no other choice BUT to pay Facebook for its services.

Keep an eye out for the new service coming early next year.

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