Curating Your Blog and Catering to Google

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With so many acronyms and buzzwords in online marketing, it’s hard to keep track. Get ready to learn a new one because E-A-T is becoming more and more important in Google’s algorithm. E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. These three factors are essential to building your Google Search ranking. It is no longer “if you build it, they will come.” With so much competition online, Google has put more weight on the reliability of the content’s source.

You should be incorporating these tenents into your content strategy if you plan on climbing to the top. Google has emphasized delivering the most relevant content to the search intent, but now is beginning to focus on delivering more accurate content to searchers. With so much misinformation out there, it’s possible for search results to provide inaccurate and potentially harmful information to users searching for health advice. That’s why positioning yourself as a reliable expert in your field will benefit your ranking. E-A-T is how Google plans on enriching the search experience for everyone.

If your website offers psychological, health, or financial advice, E-A-T is essential for you to understand.

One critical criterion Google reviews when looking at a website’s reliability is the credentials of the author of the content. They want to see who wrote the article and it needs to be easy to find. The author of your blog should have a link to their profile using data that tells Google about the author. Make it easy for web crawlers to find the author’s name and information on other websites where they might have other works.


Being an expert in your field means that you are incredibly knowledgable in your particular area. Having expertise does not necessarily mean that Google will see you as an expert. You have to prove that through credentials and reputation. Being able to show receipts of your knowledge is what will give you credence and drive traffic to your blog. You not only have to communicate and instruct others based on that knowledge effectively but also know what your audience is precisely searching for and what will help them.

For example, if you’re targetting users who are new to your industry, then your content should not include a lot of technical terms. You should also be incredibly descriptive and instructional, so your new readers can easily understand your content. Consider using visual aids, such as graphics and video, so that your content is easily digested and keeps your audience’s attention. Be prepared to answer further questions that might logically arise after reading your content. A quick link can keep your readers engaged and increase your conversions.


Expertise is only the beginning. To build domain authority, it takes networking and backlinks to your site from other reputable bloggers. When more people cite you as a source of knowledge, it gives you more authority. Google then views you as having priority over other content providers. Links are fantastic, but mentions can be just as effective. When news outlets or high-quality links mention you in their content, it gives your site more authority.

Shared content is also the sign of a website with increasing authority. When it’s retweeted, followed, and shared authentically, your reach and expertise are recognized as an authority in your industry. The more people search for your particular company, the more the specific keywords you would like to rank for are associated with your company. This will increase your likelihood to rank for those terms.


Trustworthiness is the newest trend in Google algorithms. Proving that you’re trustworthy can be difficult. Without it, your rankings will suffer, and you will be heavily penalized by Google. How does Google judge your trustworthiness? Usually by your customer satisfaction. This means your reputation management needs to be on point if you hope to rank highly. When you receive a negative comment online, you should address the situation proactively and hopefully get the feedback removed or managed.

Conversely, receiving positive reviews and comments gives your domain more trustworthiness. Especially when those reviews are on reputable sources from verified customers. Several factors go into your trustworthiness score, including contact information, physical locations, secure domains, clearly defined policies, and conditions, to name a few.

Key factors in maintaining your E-A-T

With specific health-based industries, your E-A-T is essential in ranking on Google. Google doesn’t want to recommend search results that could potentially harm searchers. They have taken the responsibility of providing searchers with accurate information. That’s why following the E-A-T framework will keep your company clean in the eyes of Google and help you rank for quality terms in your industry.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint to the top. While you may want to quickly rank, it will take dedication and honesty. The days of overnight rankings are long gone, and keyword stuffing will no longer do the trick. Your website is a living breathing thing, and you need to cultivate it if you want it to grow. Putting in hard work will result in stable, reliable rankings that will ensure your placement.

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Social Media Management’s Increasing Popularity and How It Can Help Your Business Grow

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Social Media has taken over the way people interact with one another. It’s gone beyond just a fad for young children and has become the catalyst for reconnecting and staying connected with friends. As the world becomes more social online, so will the demand for companies to be present and available to their customers. It is projected that social media management will increase in the labor force 10% in the next five years.

Social media is a lot to manage. Even with the vast field of platforms out there, new ones are popping up daily. Staying current requires an ever-evolving social media strategy with conversion marketing. Because it is so difficult to measure the success of social media activity, it’s hard to put a price on exactly how much you need to invest in your strategy. Without a precise dollar figure to their efforts, most companies relegate Social Media to an intern or people without expertise in the field. Without the proper marketing experience, these Social Media Managers aren’t equipped with the knowledge to lead a successful marketing campaign.

The best social media accounts provide a professional, branded look that their customers expect and appreciate. It is essential that all the imagery and content is reflective of your company’s identity and message. Social Media can be both an introduction to and a reminder of your services to your customers. There are several key skills that go into perfect Social Media Management. Let’s dive into the most important skills that you need.


Headlines should be the cornerstone of your social media. They grab the reader’s attention, promote, and inform all at the same time. It’s important to adapt the content to each platform. Instagram is typically more relaxed and informal, while LinkedIn’s audience is business related, and should be more professional. Copywriting is important because it represents your company. Generic and plagiarized content is damaging to your brand. It’s important to maintain a similar message throughout all of your social media. Social media is a conversation with your customers; it’s essential that the person having the conversation with them is the best equipt to represent your company.


Some of the most popular Social Media platforms are now entirely visual. With Instagram and Snapchat, it’s imperative to have a solid design background when managing a company’s social media account. The most effective social media utilizes graphics or video to relay their message to their customers. In the world of constant-scrolling, having an impactful image that a viewer stops on is key. Statistics show that posts with a visual component perform on average 50% more than posts without.

News Curating

A small percentage of your Social Media needs to be relevant information that your customers appreciate. We recommend mixing unique original content with shared informative content for an impactful social media account. This requires someone with the knowledge to be able to find relevant information that will stay ahead of industry trends. Your Social Media Manager should be aware of the latest trending topics and news stories so you can capitalize on high-traffic hashtags and keywords. Your Social Media is an extension of your Public Relations. If someone without training is sharing articles, they could potentially damage your brand and worse, alienate your customers.

Customer Service

One of the key components of any Social Media account is the ability to talk to customers and quickly resolve or minimize any negative comments. This skill comes with proper customer service training. It’s possible that your customers will ask your social media questions or give complaints about their service, and your Social Media Manager needs to be prepared to best answer each scenario. If properly managed, your reviews and comments on your social media accounts can lead to customers choosing you over your competitors.

Drive Traffic

One of the main benefits of Social Media is to drive traffic to your website. With a solid strategy, you can quickly convert new followers into new customers. Think of Social Media as the beginning of your conversation and your website as the sales manager. The more effectively you can push people from your social media to your website, the easier you will convert sales.

How Social Media Management Can Positively Impact Your Company

Social Media can be the face of your company before your potential customers even reach your website. As such, it’s important to have a competent and reaching social media strategy. Do not leave your company’s first impression in the hands of someone inexperienced with Online Marketing. Contact Lafayette Louisiana Website Design today to develop your company’s Social Media Strategy today! 337-223-3305

Why a Landing Page is One of the Most Effective Ways to Market Online

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So you want to run an ad campaign but aren’t sure of the best way to achieve results. It’s not as simple as a button press on a website and paying for an Ad. The Ad itself is only half of the battle. If you want to really convert those clicks into leads, you need a page on your site that targets your specific audience. That’s where a Landing Page comes in.

What exactly is a Landing Page?

In its simplest form, a Landing Page is a page on your website that you directly link your customers toward. Whether its a Social Media post, an E-mail Blast or a Search Ad, all advertising can benefit from the effectiveness of a reliable Landing Page. While it may seem simple, there’s a science to perfecting this powerful tool. There is an infinite number of different types of Landing pages. We have gathered the most popular and most effective types to walk you through.

Squeeze Page

One of the most common applications for Landing Pages is in Email Marketing. In order to acquire new customer e-mails, the best method for capturing them is with… you guessed it! A Landing Page. A Squeeze Page is a Landing Page that’s primary purpose is to gather customer e-mail addresses for remarketing. Usually, this is most effectively achieved by protecting content for subscribers only, offering a special coupon or quality content. The Squeeze Page should be short, sweet, and to the point. After all, they are only giving you their e-mail address as a means to get back to the relevant content they really want

Splash Page

A splash page is a go-between page that shows an ad before the content the user is attempting to reach. Often times it is accompanied by a countdown to when the Ad is over, and the user will be redirected to the website. A Splash Page might also take the opportunity to gather more information about a user, such as relevant interests, language preferences, e-mail capturing, etc…

Lead Capture Page

While a Squeeze Page is used to capture e-mail addresses, a Lead Capture Page gathers as much information as possible from the viewers. Typically a Lead Capture should only occur after a customer is ready to use your services. It should be at the very end of your marketing stream since it will take the most time to fill out and requires more determination.

Click-Through Page

A Click-Through Page is often used to pique your customer’s interest before going in for the sale. Commonly they will ask customers to begin a Free Trial period. The goal of the Click-Through page is to get your viewers to commit to learning more about your project. They will often lead to another Landing Page that gathers enough information to begin the Trial, such as payment information and pricing details. Think of the Click-Through as your pre-sale warm up.

Get Started Page

The Get Started Page gives the reader all of the information they need within the first section of the page they see. Followed, of course, by a button to “Get Started.” They are short, to the point and are used to grab a users attention right off the bat before they bounce off of the page.

Paid Advertising Landing Page

If you are running Ads and are not capitalizing on a Landing Page, you are throwing your money away. You need to market to the audience you are targeting specifically. Usually, you are looking for lead generating pages before you advertise a product with the option to buy.

Which page is right for your campaign?

Each campaign is different, but generally, you need to ask yourself what your ultimate goal is. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Are they already informed on your product? Are they looking for products or services already? All of these factors and more are used to determine the perfect Landing Page to utilize your Advertising Budget best.

Do you need help starting an online Ad Campaign or creating your new Landing Page? Contact Lafayette Lousiana Website today to get started! 337-223-3305

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