Why a Landing Page is One of the Most Effective Ways to Market Online

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So you want to run an ad campaign but aren’t sure of the best way to achieve results. It’s not as simple as a button press on a website and paying for an Ad. The Ad itself is only half of the battle. If you want to really convert those clicks into leads, you need a page on your site that targets your specific audience. That’s where a Landing Page comes in.

What exactly is a Landing Page?

In its simplest form, a Landing Page is a page on your website that you directly link your customers toward. Whether its a Social Media post, an E-mail Blast or a Search Ad, all advertising can benefit from the effectiveness of a reliable Landing Page. While it may seem simple, there’s a science to perfecting this powerful tool. There is an infinite number of different types of Landing pages. We have gathered the most popular and most effective types to walk you through.

Squeeze Page

One of the most common applications for Landing Pages is in Email Marketing. In order to acquire new customer e-mails, the best method for capturing them is with… you guessed it! A Landing Page. A Squeeze Page is a Landing Page that’s primary purpose is to gather customer e-mail addresses for remarketing. Usually, this is most effectively achieved by protecting content for subscribers only, offering a special coupon or quality content. The Squeeze Page should be short, sweet, and to the point. After all, they are only giving you their e-mail address as a means to get back to the relevant content they really want

Splash Page

A splash page is a go-between page that shows an ad before the content the user is attempting to reach. Often times it is accompanied by a countdown to when the Ad is over, and the user will be redirected to the website. A Splash Page might also take the opportunity to gather more information about a user, such as relevant interests, language preferences, e-mail capturing, etc…

Lead Capture Page

While a Squeeze Page is used to capture e-mail addresses, a Lead Capture Page gathers as much information as possible from the viewers. Typically a Lead Capture should only occur after a customer is ready to use your services. It should be at the very end of your marketing stream since it will take the most time to fill out and requires more determination.

Click-Through Page

A Click-Through Page is often used to pique your customer’s interest before going in for the sale. Commonly they will ask customers to begin a Free Trial period. The goal of the Click-Through page is to get your viewers to commit to learning more about your project. They will often lead to another Landing Page that gathers enough information to begin the Trial, such as payment information and pricing details. Think of the Click-Through as your pre-sale warm up.

Get Started Page

The Get Started Page gives the reader all of the information they need within the first section of the page they see. Followed, of course, by a button to “Get Started.” They are short, to the point and are used to grab a users attention right off the bat before they bounce off of the page.

Paid Advertising Landing Page

If you are running Ads and are not capitalizing on a Landing Page, you are throwing your money away. You need to market to the audience you are targeting specifically. Usually, you are looking for lead generating pages before you advertise a product with the option to buy.

Which page is right for your campaign?

Each campaign is different, but generally, you need to ask yourself what your ultimate goal is. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Are they already informed on your product? Are they looking for products or services already? All of these factors and more are used to determine the perfect Landing Page to utilize your Advertising Budget best.

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