We see this scenario over and over again. Business owners invest in a gorgeous website and expect customers to come flocking to their store. The fact of the matter is, that without a proper marketing strategy, SEO plan, or anything engaging on the site; it’s not setup for success. We like to use the analogy of a storefront. You can upgrade your storefront for customers making it much more attractive for customers, but that’s only half the battle. Getting customers in your doors requires some form of marketing, even if it’s just signage. Websites are similar. While a solidly built and coded website is a great foundation for building your audience, the website still needs marketing. That’s where SEO and blogging come into play. They may seem like buzzwords but they can mean the difference between the third page and outranking your competition.

Without any activity on your website, not only will your website be viewed as outdated/abandoned, but there will be nothing to engage customers and convince them to hang around. It would be the equivalent of investing in a beautiful building without having a sign on the door. You have a powerful tool that all customers will go to before driving to your location, USE IT! Your website is your customer’s first impression of your business. Are you utilizing it?

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